Buffer Analytics

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  • My most popular post in connection with Buffer was definitely Facebook. This is because I use Facebook on a daily basis, whereas I am never on twitter or LinkedIn.
  • I evaluated my property by changing the analytics on Buffer and seeing how many people liked, commented, favorite the post I posted.
  • All this information collected means how much people have seen my post or have reacted to my post as such.
  • From using buffer I can now see how it is a very good invention. You may be away for the week or have things scheduled with work and are too busy to be posting on a day-to-day basis. However with Buffer you don’t even need to worry because it does this all for you and not just on one social media site but on numerous social media sites. You can choose whatever day and time you would like this post to launch. It also keeps you yourself up to date and organized. It is very efficient for a company when trying to run a successful business.